What is APO?

Alpha Phi Omega is a co-ed national service fraternity founded on the principles of leadership friendship and service. There are four main areas of service that APO members concentrate on: service to the campus, service to the youth of the community, service to the nation as participating citizens, and service to the chapter. (the national website is at http://www.apo.org/)


Who can join?

Any enrolled student at UW-Madison can join. Discrimination of any kind is not permitted. You need simply the desire to become a member and practice the principles listed above.


Who can I contact for more information?

Jen Headman
Dan Saban
Jess Mahood


Is APO a "greek" fraternity?

No, APO is a "greek letter" organization, not a "greek" organization. APO is a Service Fraternity, not a Social Fraternity. APO chapters do not have "houses".


How do we plan to start a chapter?

Focus for Spring '03:
1) Becoming Registered Student Organization (RSO)
2) Create long and short range plan
3) Identify and recruit APO alumni (grad students) on campus
4) Be recognized by Alpha Phi Omega as an APO interest group
5) Meet as many requirements for being APO petitioning group as possible

Focus for Fall '03:
1) Be recognized by Alpha Phi Omega as a petitioning group (prior to semester start if possible)
2) Publicity and member recruitment
3) Approve Bylaws

Focus on '04/'05 school years:
1) Become recognized by Alpha Phi Omega as a chapter


Why do we want to start a chapter?

For those of us that are members (or alumni), APO is a significant part of our lives - being a brother means a great deal to us. We feel good about helping others through the service program. We make lasting friendships within the organization and as a direct result of being a member. We enjoy the leadership opportunities and training that the fraternity provides.

For new members, such as yourself, maybe you heard about APO through a friend, relative, or someone on campus. These new members believe in what being a part of APO can do for them, and what they can do for others as a part of APO.

This will be a new campus organization, ours and yours, and we have the opportunity to make it great.


What other organizations that I may have heard about does APO have partnerships with (at the national level)?